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I'm Andrea Mari, Hit Beat Records’s contact manager and producer from 2011, I lived in Turin (Italy) and i’m 25 years old. This is my last demo production: LINK DOWNLOAD “Everything" my ... Leggi tutto productions are mixed and mastered by me, samples including in my tracks are 100% free royalties. I'll send you also here contact and a short bio: Hit Beat Records produced since 2007 more than 70 releases and over a hundred artists. It has worked with: Sony Music / EPIC, Universal Music, Zyx (Germany), Vale Music (Spain), and more ... Each year Sergio Mari participates in festivals and events (Sonar / Barcelona, Seeme / Sofia, ADE / Amsterdam, MIDEM / Cannes). It also produced at the CRC of Turin and Armando Testa songs for spot, tv commercial... From 1996 to 2001 worked with MIDI SONG and ROLAND for Italy and Germany. also collaborate for hip hop with The SAIFAM Group, for which produces several albums hip hop, some of them in collaboration with SONY MUSIC ITALY. Today we have an independent Recording Studio in Turin. best regards.


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