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Coming from a scientific school, most of times i dealt with subjects like maths, physics or chemistry by which i acquired a rational and schematic mind. But at the center of my studies ... Leggi tutto there were humanities subjects too, as literature, philosophy, art and history, due to this and others personal researches i was able to develop creativity and inventiveness in myself. During 5 years of high school i've been always attracted by the social life of schools and city, that's why i chose to run for the elections of the students representatives, that i won with good numbers. I consider this experience one of the most important in my growth path, because for the first time i had contacts with many different realities, positive situations ( but even difficulties) and people. I had the possibility to organize many cultural and musical events for students and young people in my city, with Beyond the music&culture (my own brand that is up to rise officially) and collaborating with 4younger, and to work as a promoter with MusicaeParole in nearby areas (Clorophilla Club, Cromie Disco etc). Hard work and passion beyond all of this were sufficient to let me understand what i really wanted to do in my future, so i decided to attend, at the Università degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence), the PRO.GE.A.S., Progettazione e Gestione di eventi e impresa dell'Arte e dello Spettacolo (=planning and organization of events and business of arts and show). I have many plans for my life and I just need to make apprenticeships with experts and to share with them my views. I am opened to the future! Hobbies: traveling, reading, playing guitar, writing, playing basketball, watching movies, listening to music, visiting museums etc. Friends call me Dip. Organizzazione e servizi per eventi. Il nostro motto ha un triplice significato: - letteralmente, "al di là della musica e della cultura", perché esso sono lo scopo, ma non ci sono solo loro, c'è molto altro... - "oltre CON la cultura", a noi piace sottolineare il concetto di andare "oltre". Ma oltre cosa? Oltre l'idea standard di evento, ormai obsoleta. Siamo concepiti per creare, innovare e stupire. - "BEyONd THE MUSIC&CULTURE", se letto in modo più attento, cela un'altro significato, forse quello più importante --> "sii nella musica e nella cultura", cioè sii parte di esse, lasciati trasportare da esse e vai "oltre".

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