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Libero Professionista : Graphic Designer, Photographer


Parvin Taremi was born at Tehran, Iran -1972, and after diploma in "experimental science" 1991, started to working at "Sanàt -e- Ruz" (Scientific-Industrial-Economic)' montly magazine ... Leggi tutto 1993, in difference missions as (Layout & Page Maker , Revision of drafts and Editorial works [Persian-English]) in collaboration with Informatic section-Database, Ad department, Design studios. Continued to work part-time during of study at Publishing and Graphic sectors (1996 - 2001). Graduated in "visual communication (B.S.) at Art University of Tehran (Farabi) 2001. Then she started to work as freelance designer and project manager in advertisment field with Trading companies and Advertising agencies till 2011 that she moved at Italy. From 2014 is enrolled to Master Degree in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Offro più di 20 anni di esperienze nel campo della fotografia e graphic design.

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