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The Fourth R

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DO YOU FEEL EMBARRASSED, NERVOUS OR SHY WHEN YOU TRY TO SPEAK ENGLISH? NOW YOU CAN FEEL STRONG AND RELAXED EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK! Is your pronunciation bad? Do other people seem confused ... Leggi tutto when you speak English? Do you make a lot of grammar mistakes when you speak? Do you worry that others are judging your English ability? Do you feel frustrated because you still cannot understand English speakers easily? Are you bored with the old methods of grammar study, word memorization, and tests? Are you angry that you have studied English for years, but still cannot speak excellent English? What is wrong? Have you wasted your time? Will you ever speak English fluently and clearly? It is NOT Your Fault! Most classes and teachers are using old methods, old lessons, and old textbooks that are boring and ineffective.

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    HOW WILL YOU SUCCEED WITH THESE LESSONS? Imagine the best new ideas and research from experts all over the world used in a totally new kind of English lesson. Wouldn’t that be exciting? You have never used English lessons like these! LEARN ENGLISH IN THESE POWERFUL WAYS Learn Naturally and Playfully Like a Child Never Study Grammar Rules Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes Learn Spoken Grammar With Fun Stories Learn Actively By Answering Simple Questions Emotional Lessons That are Memorable

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    HOW YOU LEARN FASTER AND AVOID EMBARRASSING MISTAKES WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD THE COURSE TODAY: The incredible way you Learn Grammar Without “Rules”: Use English grammar correctly by learning grammar in a natural way. The Deep Learning method that helps you use English faster. Remember English words and grammar– and use them in real conversations. Feel strong about your speaking ability. The way you learn English in a relaxing way by listening to real English articles about interesting topics. Imagine thinking, smiling, and laughing while learning. The way you avoid stress and slow speech. The fun and crazy mini-stories train you to speak and respond faster. How the best English speakers learn, how they study,- and how you can use the methods they use. To be successful, copy the most successful people. Lessons that help you learn English without boredom- no more textbooks, no more tests, no more “exercises”. How you meet other English speakers and talk with them. Meet other friendly Power English members just like you

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    WHAT YOU GET TODAY WHEN YOU BUY MY ENGLISH COURSE? Power English Lesson Sets Feature 30 Modules, including: 30 Audio Vocabulary Lessons ; Did you know that you must learn vocabulary with your ears so you can use it quickly while speaking? Audio (listening) vocabulary lessons are more powerful than reading lessons (for speaking). With Power English Lessons, you learn with your ears. 30 Main Audio Lessons: Imagine if English lessons could be fun, easy, interesting, strange, intelligent, and funny- would you love learning English more? Think deeply, laugh loudly, smile a big smile, jump with energy, learn valuable information… with audio articles made by an intelligent adult- for intelligent adults. 30 Mini-Story Lessons : What if you had a new kind of lesson that, when used daily, makes you understand and speak English more powerfully? When you use the Mini-Story lessons every day, you improve your speaking and listening speed by answering simple questions as quickly as possible. 21 Point of View Story Lessons: Here it is, the secret to spoken English grammar. What if you could learn English grammar like an American child- naturally? Absolutely no more boring grammar rules. A complete software to improve your pronunciation Fun activities to improve others English skills like writing and reading.

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    “YOU WILL SPEAK ENGLISH POWERFULLY AND FLUENTLY USING MY EFFORTLESS ENGLISH SYSTEM” Now is the time for you to speak English confidently. Study these powerful English lessons with me and improve your English speaking!

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    I've been teaching for more that 15 years so far, and lots of my ex students are now working and living in English speaking countries such as England and USA