The World


STUDY SPEAK SMILE 100% mother-tongue, 100% fun, owned and ran language school in Turin. Flexible, efficient and organised, quality certified ISO 9001:2015 EA [Nascosto da ProntoPro] ... Leggi tutto provide the best solution to your lingiustic problems. Afterall you don't want to speak "sign language" all your life, do you ? Many top rated companies have chosen us because of our vast experience in all types of funded (Fondimpresa) etc and Business courses, International Exam preparation, Convo classes, Company courses, special needs "shorties"such as practical business roleplay courses and much more... Need an e-learning on-line language course ? We've got a great platform for various languages. We also have great "kids" classes from 3 year olds upwards in the afternoons. The World - "perché non tutti parlano la stessa lingua"


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